Most fun haunt in Georgia I think the updated site says this is the 25th year! We've been probably 20 of those. Always my favorite haunted trail we visit.
Not for light-hearted people Not a place for light hearted person. Amazingly casted outdoor event. All actors did a phenomenal job. We screamed and ran several times.
Yelled and screamed a lot!! We had a blast. What a Halloween experience. This place just nailed it for us. We got the combo ticket and reached just before their opening...
Experienced real terror If you are interested in zombie paintball then come out and have fun with undead. Shoot the zombies but always beware don't let them get you.
Redneck - Scary as hello! What an awesome time! It's like going to camp in the middle of the wilderness and then running into some crazy demented hillbilly neighbors.

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