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Haunted Bridges & Overpasses Across Georgia

It's no surprise that Bridges & Overpasses are known to be haunted - they're often the site of tragic accidents, and lover's quarrels gone awry. It is believed by many that when someone dies unexpectedly, or in a shocking or gruesome manner, their soul imprints on the location of the tragedy. Across Georgia, there are numerous bridges and overpasses where locals have claimed to see ghostly apparitions, haunted hitchhikers, and the spirits of those who met an untimely demise at that location. Find out where you can spot local ghosts on local bridges below.
  • Hardin Bridge Kingston, GA
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    This old Hardin Bridge is still there, though a new one was built around 2010-2011. The new bridge crosses the Etowah River just next to it. It is rumored that a couple accidentally drove off the old bridge decades ago, and their ghosts still haunt the area. Screams and voiced have been heard, and ghostly headlights have been seen, only to disappear inexplicably. Read More

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